Avani - Technology company Viet Nam


  • Apply high technologies, smart connectivity
  • Technology help for lean, automation and integrated
  • Big data analysis, business intelligent systems


  • Management by process, applied to the entire production, product deployment and customer care
  • Optimal customer support with supportive and interactive software
  • Professional attitude


  • Understand the value of customer experience
  • Focus on customer support beyond what customers want to receive
  • Always be your friend

Our Strengths


First andon solution is made in Vietnam


Customers from over 30 countries


Implement on whole country


Support 24/7

Products & solutions

Manufacturing and operation mgmt

Monitoring and warning solutions, monitoring the operation of the manufacturing line, product counting, operation monitoring, ensuring the capacity, progress, quality and efficiency.

Totally Management by RFId

Operating management related to asset or human is simply and flexibly: product management, warehouses, logistics, stores management, support payment and security, check in/out...

Software Solutions

Transport connectivity platform, CRM system, BI data analysis, mobile applications and IT solutions on-demand.

On-demand automation solutions

Designing, manufacturing, integrating and deploying on-demand automation solutions: connect, control, smart home, IoT...



Fabled andon cord, symbol of Toyota Way

Fabled andon cord, symbol of Toyota Way

In 2014, Toyota retired the Andon pull-cord system, a symbol for the lean, efficient and quality manufacturing in the Toyota Way, which has been replicated...
RFId – The Future of Supply Chain

RFId – The Future of Supply Chain

Reading ability without direct contact, simultaneous reading of multiple objects as well as the ability to use many times is a remarkable advantage, meeting...
Andon wireless with Zigbee technology

Andon wireless with Zigbee technology

Zigbee is an excellent solution in wireless control and monitoring application, which is the first and most widely used in the industry because of its high...
Avani joins the international textile & garments industry expo – HanoiTex 2018

Avani joins the international textile & garments industry expo – HanoiTex 2018

HanoiTex 2018 with the presence of nearly 120 booths of brands from 12 countries and territories around the world. Along with that, a series of workshops...