About us

Company introduction

With a focus on bringing modern technology applications to life in a simple, close and natural way to ensure the effectiveness of management and operation in all areas, We decision to build a business is to create valuable products to address these concerns. We build businesses to serve users with the following priorities:
User experience value
With the experience of implementing many large projects, we understand and always aim to build a good user experience. For the user, the simple, fast, logical experience of the operation is the most effective and satisfying - "Keep it short and simple!"
All stages of production, deployment, support and customer care after the sale are processed in detail, ensuring all stages are done in a professional and optimal way. Ready for every change in personnel in charge if any.
Modern technology, smart connectivity
Applying modern technology, applying industry standards, connecting intelligent terminals, forming ecosystems in the management of production, business and operation of enterprises. Solutions to ensure the compatibility with the chain, the system of customers have, are and including the future system.
Deployment Team of good fighters
Members of Deployment Team have much experience, application process optimization, quick deployment, bringing customers to participate in the product experience during deployment, ensuring effective when the system operation. For us, FAST and GOOD are standard in the whole deployment process;

Vision - Mission

Mission: Create high-tech automation products, connect and interact closely, bring value and efficiency to a smart life.
Vision: Became a leading enterprise in Vietnam in manufacturing and integrating smart terminals, automation of production, business and operation.
Core values:

  • Create product value and effectiveness
  • Respect commitment
  • Benefit sharing
  • Cultural environment
  • Human Development

Enterpise culture

  • In the flat environment, all members are given ideas, opinions and assigned responsibilities
  • Efficiency and simplicity are the highest measures
  • Stick with respect and benefit sharing
  • Working for the company is working for yourself
  • Business is family

Service commitment

  • Products always ensure the quality, stability in operation
  • Accompanying customers during the operation with professional after-sales service, dedicated throughout the product life cycle
  • Warranty of at least 12 months with a super-speed warranty within 8 working hours.
  • 24/7 support service group
  • Ensure progress always exceeds commitment

Project implementation workflow

Project workflow included 5 steps:

Step 1: Collect requirements

Step 2: Design solution, make proposal and quotation

Step 3: Negotiate and sign the contract

Step 4: Implement

Step 5: Finish, go live and and switch to warranty period


Warranty period:

- Software: 12 months

- Main equipment: 12 months

- Accessories: 03 months

Warranty process:

- Step 1: Customers raise requests: via email, skype, call

- Step 2: Analytics the issue and respond to customers about fixing method

- Bước 3: Do fix issues

Time to response:

- Issues make system halted: Response in 1 hour

- Equipment or software issues but system can still work:  Response in 4 hour

- Issues are not effect to system operating:  Response in 8 hour